Luis Felipe Hernández a.k.a  Bleepolar, is a music explorer
of traditional rhythms from Colombia and all overthe world.

His aim is to translate those influences into a global language.

His musical proposal is loaded with raw sounds that evoke primitive jungles along with synthetic elements that give an special aesthetic to his production.

With collaborations with many artists around the world, Bleepolar has a place among the exploding comunnity of Global Bass.


Bleepolar explora ritmos tradicionales del mundo y de su natal Colombia para traducirlos a lenguajes globales y contemporáneos.Su propuesta musical está cargada de sonidos crudos que evocan selvas primitivas contrastados con elementos sintéticos que le brindan un carácter especial a su producción. Con colaboraciones con personajes alrededor del mundo, ha posicionado su estilo entre la creciente comunidad del Global Bass.

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